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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Sorry for not updating!

We've been quite busy at home and work as of late. I haven't gotten very much knitting done either. I seem to be in some sort of crafting funk actually. I went through and ripped out almost all of my projects that had been set aside. I ripped out everything that I wasn't interested in working on or wasn't going to finish for whatever reason and reclaimed the yarns! It felt really good to rid myself of these projects that were just hanging over me like a dark cloud. I was a little worried that I might regret it, but so far I don't'!

I've got one baby sweater (gift) that has to be finished by next Friday, Savannah's blanket, my pink STR socks, and my red mock lacy cable socks still on the needles. That's it! I'm hoping to be able to makes some progress pictures soon of these things to show y'all.

This Saturday I'm going to spend some time with one (maybe two) of my knitting students. I'm going to show her how to line the purse that she knitted and also how to felt some fuzzy feet slippers that she's made for her sister. I'm really looking forward to this. These two girls are two of the rare teenagers that are a true pleasure to be around. (Hi L & S!) Their knitting has really taken off and they are becoming more and more adventurous. They're already thinking socks! One is knitting a baby sweater as a gift for a teacher even! I'm so proud of them!

In other news, Toby was called out again. This time he's gone to Indianapolis. I don't know how long he'll be gone, but hopefully not very long. At least we had him home for a month this time. 7 months in La. was a loooong time.

Chandler got his Senior Yellow belt in TKD this weekend. YAY! I'm so proud of him. He really loves Tae Kwon Do and is working really hard at it.

You can see our Easter Weekend pictures here. As usual, it was difficult to get Chandler to let me take a decent picture of him, but camera hog Savannah had NO trouble posing for pictures.

I'll leave you with some T-shirt slogans that I've seen in the hallway at school today:

"If I got smart with you how would you know?"
"You can't fix stupid."
"I'm with stupid." with an arrow pointing UP!

Isn't that comforting?


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