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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Mason-Dixon Knit Along and some other stuff

How much fun is this going to be? I can't wait! You can join here: Mason-Dixon KAL. I've been reading the posts and this is going to be a really fun group. I hope to get my book very soon. Our local Barnes & Noble doesn't have it yet.

I am so disgusted with the cotton sock I was working. I knew it was a bad idea but the colors were just perfect...the yarn?....NOT for socks! the ribbing section stretched out beyond belief and the rest of the sock didn't fit either. I hated it. So I ripped it out and rewound the yarn and decided maybe it's meant for something else, one day.

I am making quick progress on the Lotorp bag from Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton's Noro Revisited. I'm making this bag in Noro Iro Color 18. I'm already finished with 1/3 of the bag. It's looking good so far. I'm thinking about making one of the Kuryeon version. It's a bit smaller than the Iro size but I'm thinking it would make a nice gift. It only takes two balls of Kuryeon so it'll be an affordable gift too.

We went to the War Eagle Craft Fair today in the rain. It wasn't much fun. I love War Eagle so much and look forward to it for months. But today? Today I watched the weather and waited. At noon the forecast was still saying 70% chance of thunderstorms for tomorrow. So we decided that since it was just drizzle today we'd go on and go. No sooner had we gotten there and walked across the bridge did it start to rain. I mean really rain. We had to go for cover for a few minutes. Fortunately for me we took cover in a booth of handmade baskets! I bought a really cute basket from a very nice man from Branson, MO. He showed me how he shaves the wood and how it's dyed and also how they've been making them for years. He talked to me about his father who taught him how to make the baskets and then his father came walking up. They were such a neat family. They make all of their baskets from oak that he harvests himself.

I bought another basket from a local lady. Her name was Candace Katz and she has a really neat website for people who are looking for basket making supplies. I soooo do not need another addiction, I mean um, HOBBY. I am thinking it would be fun to learn to make baskets though. I may check to see when her next beginner class is. The thing I really love about this basket is that it has a solid base. The base is very smooth and I don't think it will grab my yarn at all. The inside of the basket is also very smooth and I don't feel any grabby bits to snag either. I am going to be using this for my intarsia project coming up next week.

And speaking of Intarsia, I'm going to be taking a class at the LYS for a couple of Saturdays on Intarsia knitting. I'm really looking forward to it. We're going to be making the Wobbly Circles tote from Interweave's Spring 2006 mag. Here's the pattern pick and the colors that I've chosen.

I almost forgot to show y'all the really cute bag I got today. I think it'll make a really great knitting bag/purse. It's made from oilcloth by Tatermash bags. They had some really great bags today. This bag has six large pockets on the inside and one on the outside. It also came with a matching zip pouch which already has my traveling stitch markers, and small knitting supplies in it. They had one thing that I wish I had turned around and gone back for. It was an oilcloth placemat on one side and a chalk board covering on the other. They were so neat! If I go back out there tomorrow since we didn't get to see much today, I'm going to get one for Savannah. She loves to draw and color now so I think it would be a neat thing to carry in my bag for her to have something fun to do when we're out and about.

That's all the time I have now for updating. Hopefully I'll have more progress to report soon!


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