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Thursday, November 17, 2005


Why is it that when I've got a huge project that I'm way behind on that I develop a raging case of start-itis???? What's up with that? I've been working on the secret Christmas project and not making much progress might I add. So I'm stressing and guess what...starting new projects. Yep! Like I didn't have enough to do right! Today I started a scarf in the Lionbrand Landscapes yarn to match my "boob" hat. So named because the top of the hat looks like, well, a boob with a nipple! LOL I also started a hat on dpns recently that also keeps calling to me and I have the second sock going and I'm so going to finish it soon because I want to wear them so bad! I still have the old shale shawl going too. But what is the number one project? The ONLY one with an actual deadline????? Of course, it's the one project that I can't seem to make myself work on right now. UGH! It's not like the yarn is the problem. I'd show you, but well, I can't for obvious reasons! It's absolutely dreamy to hold and work with. The pattern is great too. Not too dull, not too complicated. So what then is the problem? Is it the stress? Is it rebellion against the deadline? Is it just that I've turned into a selfish knitter who only wants to knit for myself right now???? hmmmm, so many things......so little self-control. Sorry no pictures today, the camera's at home and well, I'm not right now. Maybe next time I'll have an FO to show or two??


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