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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

What does Amy need?

This is the funniest thing ever! Go to google and type in "[your name] needs" and then list the first 10 things that come up. Here are my ten needs:

1. Amy needs help! (umm, duh, we already knew that right?)
2. Amy needs to get out the monkeysicle and do some tests on him and what not.
3. Amy needs a flu shot - like really really needs a flu shot.
4. Amy needs to be found.
5. Amy needs a loving home and help with her veterinary expenses.
6. Amy needs a new pair of shoes.
7. Amy needs to either wake up or start getting some extra willpower.
8. Amy needs to get another facial expression for deep ponderance.
9. Amy needs a new diaper. (ROFL!)
10. Amy needs a web page consultant.

This was fun! What do you need?


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