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Friday, June 30, 2006

How 'Bout Some Knitting Content?

This Tuesday I had the opportunity to get together with a couple of friends for some really great knitting and talking. They are just so much fun to be around and it was such a fantastic time! I hope to be able to go again when I'm finished with my summer classes. Cynthia and Melanie are just incredible ladies who are very talented knitters and spinners. Melanie brought some yarns that she had spun on her wheel to show me and I was so jealous! I'm going to have to go over and check out her wheel soon. I really really really want one! She had some gorgeous stuff! It was neat to have a little show and tell too of the things we've been working on.

I'm working on the wool log cabin blanket and also a sock that I'll probably have finished today. It's a worsted weight sock so it's been a super fast project. Maybe this weekend I'll get to finish the second sock in the car.

Tonight I'll be driving over to Harrison to pick up Chandler from Tae Kwon Do camp. Toby's coming home today too! YAY! So he's going to meet us over there to see the closing ceremony and then come on home. Then, tomorrow we're getting up early to drive 5 hours to my family reunion and then we'll be driving back home on Sunday. I start my NTLP classes this week on Thursday and I'll be going 6 days a week all the way to Van Buren (about an hour one way) for three weeks. Sounds like fun, eh? I'm really excited because next weekend Toby has made reservations for us at a really swanky restaurant. It's going to be great!

I'm still looking for a teaching job so, I've got an awful lot going on around here. Unfortunately, that means there won't be much knitting going ton for a while.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Savannah flips out!

I finally filled the pool back up and I think it's going to be ok this time...third time's a charm, right? We went out this afternoon to get in for the first time and within 5 minutes or so Savannah had figured out how to do back flips! It was so funny! Here's a short video of the little dare devil in action.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Savannah gets her first belt!

She also earned two stripes today! That's half of what she'll need for her first belt testing in July! How cool is that!

A really cute little girl

Monday, June 19, 2006

Interesting graphic

This is a picture of this website in graph form.

It came from here and I think it's really neat! Such cute flowery pictures.